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The Librarian The Librarian 1566

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Librarian The Librarian 1566 - Giuseppe Arcimboldo -

Title:The Librarian The Librarian 1566
Painted by:Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Dimensions:27.95 inch wide x 38.19 inch high

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is bealtiful , I like.
Posted by Kiara Lopes on 26.October 2009, 11:46

This is IMHO the best Arcimboldo´s painting! As a part of my art coursework on school, I´ve sketched this picture, this version of Summer and a Self-portrait, and i must say that working on it was pleasure for me! Arcimboldo is really cool! Once I will draw my own self-portrait in his style, I will post a link in here. ;-)
Posted by Mashaunix on 25.November 2009, 14:05

These pictures are so amazing and really stylish, but i dont like the animals because i feel bad for animals i do like it, is that its weird..

Posted by massiell on 20.December 2011, 14:32

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