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The Admiral

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Admiral - Giuseppe Arcimboldo -

Title:The Admiral
Painted by:Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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This is a really nice painting and looks very nice ! I really like the blue colours in this painting and I think it is very well presented !!

Posted by chloe on 20.June 2010, 23:42

The pictures are very interesting
Posted by Andrew on 10.November 2010, 20:32

thease images are amazing so much deatail into them x
Posted by bethany dunn on 24.November 2010, 15:41

really good detail and really good how he fits it all together like that

Posted by sophie on 8.September 2011, 13:56

Original AND beautiful, its what I like about Arcimbolodo.

Posted by o18 on 19.October 2011, 13:02

A very interesting design. Giuseppe defiantly did some fantastic paintings

Posted by Conor Roberts on 3.December 2011, 10:22

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